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I came across Digital Nursery and their friendly and professional approach, couple with the simplicity of the plug and play display made it an easy decision...
~ Catherine, MD Kiddies Corner, York

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Additional Software

C-Point Table Additional Software

As you know, the C-Point Touchscreen Computer Table comes loaded with some fantastic software s specifically designed for the Early Years Sector and chosen by Digital Nursery.

These are:-

  • You Paint
  • Mouse Music
  • Yellow Door Come Alive Nursery Rhymes – Hey Diddle Diddle
  • NumberGym Card Sorter
  • NumberGym Path Tiles
  • Acces to the Cbeebies website
  • Protected web browser

In addition, there are these great pieces of software available directly from Digital Nursery, all of which have been pre-approved by us for use on the table. Should you specifically want something which does not appear below, please let us know and we will confirm its compatibility and get it for you.*

Mouse Club

Your table already has Mouse Music as standard, check out these other great fun titles from the Mouse Club

Mouse Island



Mouse Club presents Roly, Red and Blue Mouse on their latest adventure - stranded on a desert island! Full of challenging interactive maths games for KS1 and puzzles , the player must solve the problems to help the mice escape.

In total Mouse Island contains thirty-eight interactive maths games for KS1 , spread over three levels of difficulty. Each game develops different skills and encourages pro-active learning through participation.

The characters provide friendly support and reward each correct answer. These magical, fun, interactive maths games educate, entertain and most of all make you smile!
All the interactive maths games for KS1 introduce a range of mathematical concepts as well as introducing general ‘mouse skills’ giving children more confidence in using a computer.

Click here for more information about how you can help with your child's Mathematical Development.

Mouse Studio



Calling all budding young artists - allow your imagination to run wild with these great art games to play ! Eight stimulating areas allow you to explore, discover and reveal your creative talent. and develop your own masterpiece with a variety of artist’s tools. The delightful illustrations will inspire all! Mouse Studio is easy to install, intuitive to use and looks great on an interactive whiteboard or PC.

  • Encourage pencil control and hand eye coordination
  • Meet QCA units 1A, Unit 2B

Simple narration and amusing sound effects complete this delightful art game.

Download additional art activities and ideas to complement and support Mouse Studio. Select 'Mouse Studio Activities' from the drop down list.

Children will love the range of art games to play :

  • Creating collages
  • Colouring pages
  • Drawing and painting
  • Magic pictures
  • Simple printing techniques
  • Tracing shapes, pictures and simple words
  • Building mouse pictures
  • Making personalised mice!

The Early Learning Goals and the QCA requirements at Key Stage 1 are fully covered.

All these easy craft ideas:

  • Increase confidence
  • Enable children to explore colour, texture, shape and space
  • Encourage use of imagination

Special Me




Learn all about your body, your family, your emotions, who you are and what you like in the world around you with Special Me.

Delightful PSHCE Primary Resources and games and absorbing activities inspire children to develop the skills they need to keep safe, be healthy and gain confidence. The child-friendly, graphics ensure children are entertained while they enjoy learning about themselves, their environment, other people and being responsible.

Each activity on the CD can be extended away from the computer with over 45 teaching ideas and 30 supporting activity sheets.

Full narration and intuitive navigation make it easy for children (and teachers!) to play. These PSHCE Primary Resources cover different areas of the PSHCE Programme of Study and includes:

About Me:

  • My friends and family
  • People who help me
  • My feelings
  • Being special
  • My home and world

My Body:

  • Medicines
  • Food and drink
  • Body parts
  • Hygiene
  • Exercise
  • Growing

Yellow Door

You should already have seen Yellow Door Come Alive Nursery Rhymes, as some come as standard on the table. In addition there are some longer and more involved stories and activities.

Have a look at the options below!



This exciting CD-ROM offers children active involvement in the story of The Gingerbread Man and opportunities to explore the wider curriculum.

Features include:

  • Animated and 'big book' versions of the story for shared reading, plus the song with words or pictures
  • 'Tell it yourself' allowing children to get hands-on with the story as they move characters onscreen
  • Related games that develop key skills such as listening, phonological awareness and ICT competence
  • Interactive non-fiction text and cross-curricular activities about gingerbread, farm animals and rivers
  • An extensive bank of teacher resources including over 30 writing frames, clip art of the story images and characters, and ideas for home-school links

There are other Come Alive stories, all with the same format as The Gingerbread Man but with different educational resources

yellow-door-add-2yellow-door-add-3yellow-door-add-4yellow-door-add-5 yellow-door-add-1

Come Alive Nursery Rhymes


Enjoy the rest of the great, educational and fun nursery rhymes from Yellow Door. There are eight in total, each one with activities and different exercises and games to play and the usual interactive informational pages

Additional Chapters


Your table may already have the first one or two chapters installed as standard. Now see what more the children can learn witrh Eric, Willow and Buddy Boo!


Making Things


Rhythm & Dance


Songs & Rhymes


Story Time

Please note that the downloading of unauthorised software may invalidate your table warranty with Digital Nursery.

Should you already possess licences to use software you wish to be used on the table, we can install it for you, providing it is compatible.

2 Simple Software

Simple City

Stimulate listening, language, independence, collaboration and creative play in the Foundation Stage and Year 1. Adult experts and children guide children through 10 locations based on common curriculum topics. Engaging on-screen activities promote children’s role play both on the computer and afterwards. (FS, KS1)

  • Activities include visiting the doctor, going to the cafe or doing the recycling
  • Choose from creative play or following instructions
  • Planning and resources included to meet early learning goals
  • Visual approach helps support children with SEN or EAL

2Start English

A program designed to support early learners and children that are new to English.

  • The program features over a hundred activities for children to immerse themselves into using familiar environments such as the classroom and the park.
  • They develop vocabulary and sentences through exploratory screens, creative activities, stories and games at three different levels.
  • Each unit starts with animated scenes that the children can explore and or create for themselves.
  • Children learn English language skills as they are introduced to common topics in school life and the curriculum.
  • All About Me, The Classroom, Colours and Art, Numbers and Maths, Food and Dinner Times, Animals.

Maths City 1

Maths City 1 allows Foundation Stage children to explore practical everyday maths in five Foundation Stage topics: Transport, Space,
The Farm, Shops and Outdoor Play.
(FS, Year 1)

  • Race and sort cars, make patterns or park carefully
  • Count skips and jumps with animated figures
  • Sort and count animals to make a farm
  • Go shopping in the toy shop and pay the correct amount
  • Create and sort aliens so that similar features animate


NumberGym Software

Bond Builder

BondBuilder image 1 BondBuilder image 2

A personalised approach to learning basic addition facts.

In BondBuilder's first three data sets numbers are represented as dot patterns from 1 to 6 which can soon be recognised immediately without counting - this is called subitising.

After regular exposure to these images learners should begin to recognise the images of dot patterns from 1 to 6 and recall the totals of some combinations and not have to count them.

Drag the cards to their answer disks. Can you sort them in one minute to be Lightning Fast?
When you can you're ready for the next level.

Table Trainer

TableTrainer image 1 TableTrainer image 2

Carefully graded timed challenges to measure progress in committing the multiplication tables to memory.
Each multiplication table has three stages:

  • First the answers are placed in order
  • Then the answers are mixed up
  • Finally we present the division facts

Drag the cards to their answer disks. Can you sort them in one minute to be Lightning Fast?
When you can you're ready for the next level.

Early Maths

Early Maths image 1 Early Maths image 2

These activities cover Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1.
Designed by Ian Sugarman to explore number and pattern through number rods, stick patterns, counters and pattern blocks.

This software has been designed to be used alongside physical sticks, counters and pattern blocks and encourages the use of language to describe and compare number shape and pattern.

The Number Gym

Number Gym image 1 Number Gym image 2

The Number Gym provides a stimulating set of age-neutral games and challenges across Key Stages 1 and 2.

Most activities can be personalised across a wide ability range simply by using the options panel.

The Number Gym also encourages creative investigations in maths with its open-ended activities, especially with its logo turtle graphics module.

Price List

  • Mouse Island £20.41
  • Mouse in the House £15.31
  • Mouse Studio £20.41
  • Special Me £25.54
  • Yellow Door Come Alive Stories £42.00
  • Yellow Door Come Alive Nursery Rhymes £60.00
  • Land of Me additional Chapters £6.95
  • 2Simple Simple City £79.00
  • 2Start English £100.00
  • Maths 1 £59.00
  • Education City English £80 per annum
  • Education City Maths £80 per annum
  • Education City Science £80 per annum
  • NumberGym’s BondBuilder, single table £19, site licence £29
  • NumberGym’s TableTrainer, single table £19, site licence £29
  • NumberGym’s Early Maths, single table £19, site licence £29
  • The Number Gym, single table £29, site licence £49
  • NumberGym Suite: All 4 products above, single table £49, site licence £79

All prices are exclusive of VAT